• Grilled, Crispy or Nashville Chicken Salad

    Harvest lettuce topped with red onion, diced egg, cherry tomato, topped with mozzarella and finished off with grilled, crispy or Nashville chicken and our buttermilk ranch dressing.

  • Harvest Salad

    Harvest lettuce, Mozzarella, bacon bits, red cabbage, carrots, black olives, tomatoes and pepperoni served with choice of dressing.

  • Classic Salad

    Harvest lettuce, topped with a Italian Cheese Blend, bacon bits and pepperoni. Served with house dressing.

  • Greek Salad

    Crisp mix of lettuce, sliced green peppers, black olives, red onions, Mediterranean Feta, tomatoes and tossed in our homemade Zesty Greek dressing.

  • Chopped Wedge Salad

    Chopped iceberg lettuce, red onions, smoked bacon, & cherry tomatoes. served with our chunky blue cheese dressing.

  • Club Salad

    A large classic salad with the additions of ham, onions, tomatoes, smoked bacon, black olives, egg, pepperonis and topped with Mozzarella. Served with house dressing.